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Andrea V. Sarris 
is an educator and independent producer/director with years of experience working with the young, middle-aged and old in community programming, television and tourism.  In 2004, she moved to Greece to work at the Olympic Games as a producer.  She has a Master of Science in Adult Education from the University of Southern Maine and a liberal arts education from Colby College in Maine, USA. 
Feta cheesemaking


        weaving, spinning & ceramics

The 2013 event boasted eleven nationalities.  Local village children learned the craft of weaving on a frame and a loom and beltmaking.  A nice gathering that supported local handicraft work! Donations went to the Ypsi Animal Fund to help feed and neuter the growing cat population!  If you would like to donate click below.

Handicraft Bazaar Ypsilometopo 2013
Wool from the Shorn Sheep Workshop
Costa weaving
Frame weaving

A Socratic Conversation on Writing

eco-tourism Workshops

 Lessons Available




English, Computer, scriptwriting, website design, editing

Ypsi Animal Fund


ypsilometopo, Lesvos, Greece

Nance Parker - Shoestring Theater
Greg Frangoulis
George Zarkadas.jpg
Nance Parker - Shoestring Theater
Greg Frangoulis
George Zarkadas.jpg

In development - CATS Ypsi style featuring puppet master, Nance Parker and Stage Manager, Greg Frangoulis from Portland, ME. USA.  Join us for the art of puppet making.  Fun for the whole family!

In development - Filmmaker, portrait artist George Zarkadas with Strata Motion Pictures presents his multi-media art and documentary show! 


In development - Filmmakers Polly Bennell and Andrea Sarris present their documentary Helen Nearing: Conscious Living/Conscious Dying.  


Private English Lessons